Works well, easy to set personalised code & not too bulky – ideal and good value too.

Protect your bike anywhere, anytime with this high strength braided steel bike cable lock
The Ultimate Solution for Keeping Your Bike Safe and Secure

Bike Lock Cable | Combination Bicycle Lock | Cable Lock

1.2m Long Multi-Purpose Cable Lock

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This lock cable is made of high strength braided steel, and is not easy to cut. Lock the wheels or bicycle frame to a bike stand or pillar/post.


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Elaborate Design

The locking post is durable, just insert and the lock is ready for normal use with your personal combination.


The stand is made of quality steel. Also powder coated black finish is for long lasting. It is recommended to be used indoor only. The front and back plates holding system prevents the up holder (supporting the wheels) getting wider at the top. The wide holder will affect the bike holding stability.


The bike stand holders are all linked together, so the stand is heavier and more solid than single bike stand. Please watch our detailed instruction video in the listing.


The rack is designed for all wheel size bikes from the range of 12″ to 20″ kids bikes, 20″ to 24″ BMX bikes, 26″ to 29″ MTB and 700c road bikes. Max tyre width: 2.5″
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Support Team:

What is a Bike Lock Cable, and how does it differ from a Combination Bicycle Lock or a Cable Lock?
A Bike Lock Cable, also known as a Combination Bicycle Lock or a Cable Lock, is a security device used to secure bicycles and deter theft. While the terminology may vary, they all refer to the same type of lock. The specific name used may depend on the lock’s features, design, or marketing strategy, but the primary purpose remains consistent.
How does a Bike Lock Cable work?
A Bike Lock Cable typically consists of a strong and flexible cable made of steel or a similar material. The lock features a mechanism that allows the cable to be looped around the bike frame or other fixed object, such as a bike rack or post. The ends of the cable are then secured together using a lock mechanism, which can be opened using a key or a combination code.
Can a Combination Bicycle Lock provide reliable security for my bike?
Yes, a Combination Bicycle Lock can provide reliable security for your bike when used properly. These locks offer the convenience of not needing a key and instead use a combination code to unlock. It’s important to choose a high-quality combination lock with a strong cable and a secure locking mechanism to ensure maximum security for your bike.
Are Cable Locks suitable for all types of bicycles?
Yes, Cable Locks are suitable for securing various types of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and more. The flexibility of the cable allows it to be threaded through the bike frame and wheels, providing a versatile and effective security solution. However, it’s important to choose a cable lock that is long enough to accommodate the size of your bike and the objects you plan to lock it to.
Are Bike Lock Cables resistant to cutting or tampering?
Bike Lock Cables are designed to be resistant to cutting and tampering, but their level of security can vary depending on the quality of the cable and lock mechanism. High-quality cables are often made of hardened steel or have additional layers of protection to deter cutting attempts. It’s advisable to choose a cable lock with a high-security rating and consider using additional measures, such as pairing it with a sturdy lock or using multiple locks, for added security.
Can a Cable Lock be used for securing other valuable items besides bicycles?
Yes, a Cable Lock can be used to secure other valuable items besides bicycles. The flexibility and versatility of the cable make it suitable for securing items such as motorcycles, scooters, outdoor equipment, garden furniture, or even gates and fences. The ability to loop the cable around various objects provides a practical security solution for a wide range of applications.
Are Combination Bicycle Locks easy to use?
Yes, Combination Bicycle Locks are generally easy to use. Instead of carrying a key, you simply need to remember your chosen combination code. Setting and resetting the combination code is typically straightforward and can be done by following the lock manufacturer’s instructions. It’s important to choose a combination that is easy for you to remember but not easily guessed by others.
Can a Bike Lock Cable be used for quick stops or temporary security?
Yes, a Bike Lock Cable is suitable for quick stops or temporary security situations. Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient to carry with you while cycling. Whether you need to quickly secure your bike outside a store or during a short break, a cable lock can provide a practical solution without the need for heavy and bulky locks.
Are Cable Locks resistant to weather conditions?
Many Cable Locks are designed to be weather-resistant or even weatherproof. They may feature protective coatings or materials that can withstand exposure to rain, snow, or other environmental elements. However, it’s still important to check the product specifications and ensure that the lock you choose is specifically designed for outdoor use and can withstand the weather conditions in your area.
Can a Combination Bicycle Lock be shared among family members or friends?
Yes, a Combination Bicycle Lock can be easily shared among family members or friends. Since it doesn’t require a physical key, you can simply communicate the combination code to those who need access to the lock. This makes it convenient for multiple individuals to use the same lock, which can be beneficial when sharing bikes or when different individuals need access to a locked space or area.

10 reviews for Bike Lock Cable | Combination Bicycle Lock | Cable Lock

  1. Peter

    I absolutely love this bike lock! This reliable and secure accessory has become an essential part of my cycling routine. Its simple yet effective design gives me peace of mind whenever I need to leave my bike unattended.

  2. Lloyd

    The cable is very stiff and thick so it’s a little hard to uncoil but that could be a good deterrent against thieves.
    The lock arrived quick with no defects!

  3. Laura

    The lock was great easy to use and good quality

  4. marieke

    The wired bike lock is incredibly easy to use. It features a sturdy steel cable that is both flexible and durable. I appreciate the length of the cable as it allows me to secure my bike to various fixed objects without any difficulty. Whether it’s a bike rack or a lamppost, I can trust that my bike is properly locked up.

  5. Suzanne

    I liked this lock because is lightweight, small but still provides feeling of safety. Not having to carry the key is also convenient.

  6. David

    Perfect bike lock for the kids bike. With the ability to make your own combination it is perfect so the kids can make their own 4 digit combination. Can’t fault!

  7. Aidan

    I already had one for myself and wanted one for my son. We are the type to forget our keys so the code option is perfect. The one I’ve had for 3 years is still working wonderfully. Quality product, flexible, affordable. Brilliant!

  8. Kevin

    Very easy to set. Dials are big so easy to see and spin. I’m using in an area with low crime – it’s simply to attach my toolbox to something permanent so someone just can’t wheel it away.

  9. Audrey

    Easy to change code, we use it as a stroller/wagon lock for theme parks and it is so easy and convenient.

  10. Martin

    Lightweight, works well, combination lock easy to set up. Can carry on the bike. I’m locking my bicycle to all sorts of places, whatever is available and this is working very well!

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